Happy Friday, Creators! I don’t know if you’ve been into The Dollar Tree retail store lately, but their game in the craft department has been brought! Look at all my goodies pictured here.

With all my new-found treasures, I created an entry into my art journal for you to see how each element inspired me. I listened to Mind Love, Modern Mindfulness with Melissa Monte during my walk this morning about your moods being a choice. There were a few points I wanted to remember, and a junk journal page would be perfect.

If you are unfamiliar with junk journaling, just do a quick search, and you’ll find dozens of examples. A junk journal page is adhering random/purposeful pages, images, or ephemera in a visually pleasing array. So here are the double spread pages constructed before I wrote my mental notes down from the podcast I listened to earlier in the day.

Double Spread in my art journal.

Notice the glue, Elmer’s Adhesive Spray Disappearing Purple worked pretty amazingly! I was shocked and wasn’t going to purchase it, but it was a buck, so what the heck so in the cart it landed. I love spray adhesive for big sheets of paper or magazine images, but I hate the mess and drying time. I did lay protective sheets, but it sprayed well with no clogging and cleaned up with water. My ability to see in the future is pretty weak, so I can’t tell you for sure if it will hold up in time, sorry.
Next, the clear cling stamps….what? Yes, these stamps get kinda pricey but more affordable than the wooden ones (shows my creator age, lol). So to see them at The Dollar Tree made my inner 8-year-old heart glow warm. I couldn’t tell any difference from the more expensive ones I have from Micheals.
The rub-off stickers weren’t the best quality and slipped around ALOT, but they are from TDT. I couldn’t find my favorite popsicle stick… which sounds sad…so I used a bone tool. No tools came with the rub off, but again, it was four quarters.

To keep this short, the books I found were an epic score, and my students will love seeing Jim Henson’s and Pixar’s drawings/notes.
Go check out The Dollar Tree and make it rain!!!

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