Stacey Pilkington-Smith’s works encompass a wide variety of mediums, including both two and three dimensional forms.  She spends most of her time creating her own personal body of work which is inspired by folklore, mythology, and nature.  Defining characteristics of her work include fanciful depictions of women and animals.  Stacey strives to create art that immerses the viewer in a wonderful atmosphere of enchantment, where viewers can connect with their inner child or remind them of a happy time.

Her process is very fluid and intuitive, which allows the work to evolve on its own. Her process involves rough ideas, sketches, and experimentations from her art journal during the developmental stages; however, the backgrounds and composition are built intuitively.

She believes that in order to gain a better understanding of the artist within, it is important to be open to others’ perceptions and her own experimentation with a variety of mediums. Art is just another form of expression, it is a visual method of communication that depicts what words cannot express and connects people through insight.

Stacey owns The Blue House Studio in Lincolnton, NC. The Blue House houses classrooms, online store operations, Stacey’s personal studio, bee yards, and gardens.

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