(2018) Hidden Places


“Hidden Places” exhibit at Southern Arts Society, Kings Mountain, NC

“Hidden Places” harkens us back to our childhood, where whimsy and joy can be found. Entering adulthood, our inner child gets buried under the weight of the world. We stop feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces, wishing on stars, and the grass tickling our bare feet. The intention of the work is to connect the viewers with their own hidden places of bliss. Hopefully you’ll want to stay as long as you can in newly discovered places of fresh flowers, giggles, hand holding, and wonder.

“Hidden Places,” a solo exhibit featuring the work of Stacey Pilkington-Smith. Stacey Pilkington-Smith works encompass a wide variety of mediums, including both two and three dimensional forms. She spends most of her time creating her own personal body of work which is inspired from folklore, mythology, and nature. Stacey strives to create art that immerses the viewer in a wonderful atmosphere of enchantment, where viewers can connect with their inner child or remind them of a happy time.

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