(2019) The Spaces Between


“The Spaces Between”, a two person exhibit, Gallery 27.

Negative space, simply is the space around the object of the focal point of a painting. Negative space is just as important because it defines the boundaries of positive space and attributes to the balance of the composition. 

Each piece begins with intuitively painting the background. I am always surprised by the abstracted results. Next, I would paint the subject or objects over them covering most of the magic that happens through intuitive painting. I wanted to explore exposing the backgrounds as much as possible.  This experimentation led to exposing the background, my negative space, as newly found shapes and objects creating a new subject matter.

There are two sides to all creative endeavors or projects. What the creation wants to be, in and of its self, and what the viewer perceives. In between there is a space. This space is where the creation comes to life without us.  

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