Who's Been in Quarantine the Longest?

How to draw Bigfoot using simple, step-by-step instructions.


Just a little quarantine humor. You can download this free step-by-step drawing guide to draw your own creature of the forest.

Hope you enjoy! Share your pics in the comments below.

How to Draw a Bee in 10 Easy Steps

Happy Friday everyone! Times are kinda scary these days and I’m definitely feeling pretty heavy. I miss the gallery and my students most of all. And this week some of us have been pushed into a teacher role to our children. However, I refuse to cave in and give any more electronic time. So I created a fun little art challenge for the kiddos to help everyone out! Hope you enjoy.

You can download the PDF File HERE.

You can also download the PDF Coloring Book Page HERE.

How to Draw a Bee in 10 Easy Steps
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